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Foire aux questions

Foire aux questions - XL Wood Products

Q: What size pallets do you supply?
A: We can supply any pallet size based on your requirements.
Custom sizes pallets, skids, crates; there are no odd sizes here, we do everything custom built to protect and maintain the integrity of your product.
Do you know the specific dimensions of your product so we can customize a product specifically for you? Let us provide you options for your specs
What kind of top board spacing do you require? What is going on top? Big items, small items? How much will the load weigh? What type of material (1×4, 1×6) shall we build your product with? We can help you fine tune your pallet specs
Will the pallets be used in your manufacturing equipment line? Do you need the pallets to fit in storage racking? If your pallets require modifications to work in alignment with your manufacturing equipment we are happy to find a solution
Do your pallets need to be certified? Where will you be shipping your product? Domestic/in-house or internationally/overseas? Wherever you require to ship your pallets we will provide you with correct options

Do you sell Heat Treated Export Pallets?
A: Yes, we are a certified Heat Treatment provider, compliant with ISPM 15 regulations. This service is provided on site. Heat-treated Wooden Pallets & Crates complies with the strictest international heat-treatment standards (ISPM-15), guaranteeing the annihilation of all larvae and parasites that may be present in the wood used to produce our wooden pallets and crates. Heat-treatment is different than kilning; as heat-treatment completely eradicates any living organisms in the wood, whereas the goal of kilning is to simply dry the wood. Our thorough heat-treatment process meets the strictest international standards (ISPM-15) and offers the following benefits to our clients:

  • Our heat-treatment process is recognized by all countries participating in the Wood Packaging Certification program
  • Your packaging weighs less and offers significant cost savings due to the reduction in moisture content from the heat-treatment process.
  • Any parasites (in all life stages) found in the wood are destroyed
  • Your cargo is permitted to move freely across all continents

Q: Can you heat treat my wooden pallets?
A: Yes. We can manufacture wooden products for you and heat treat them on our premises. We can also heat treat your existing pallets.

How quickly can I get it? When will it be ready?
A: We build to order to ensure we are cutting and building exactly what our customers require
We cut and re-saw our own lumber to the specific sizes required to build your products; we build the amount ordered and load directly to one of our trailers or have it available for pick up
Different types of products have different lead times
Once we receive a purchase order we confirm the timeline with the customer

I have wooden pallets I want to get rid of. Do you pick up unwanted pallets?
A: Yes. Please send through an image of the pallets as well as the dimensions (approximate) and the number of pallets you have. We will then come back to you and let you know if we are interested. If so, collection of your unwanted pallets is FREE of charge.

I don't know what I need! Can you come out to our site to advise us on our requirements?
A: Absolutely. Please contact our office team to arrange an appointment time. With over four decades of experience in the materials and handling industry,
you're guaranteed to receive expert advice.