Customized to Your Needs

New pallets

New wooden pallets in London, Windsor Ontario and in close proximity to Montreal

XL wood products has been offering pallet manufacturing services for 28 years, which makes our company an enterprise that cannot be overlooked in the wood industry. Whether you need softwood pallets or hardwood pallets, and whether you need products that are customized to fit specific needs or offered in a standard model, you can count on the quality of our products and the wide range of our inventory. Moreover, most of our standard products are ready to be shipped as soon as you place the order.  Rest assured that our team is focused on customer service and highly competitive prices.

Used pallets

Used wooden pallets in London, Windsor Ontario and in close proximity to Montreal

If new pallets do not suit your needs, you can opt for used pallets, which are refurbished by our restoration service. This makes them comparable to new products in terms of quality. Used pallets allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting the amount of trees that are cut down every year.

Our inventory of used pallets includes many softwood and hardwood products. Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

Customized pallets

Our company has many decades of experience in pallet manufacturing, which allows us to offer our clients infinite possibilities of customized wood pallets in Windsor, London Ontario and in close proximity to Montreal that will definitely meet your needs, no matter how unique they are. We can also discuss an action plan with you to help you improve your productivity through the usage of our products. Our sales professionals create and analyze your pallets using the leading pallet design software program  Best Pallet. Our design and use analysis ensures that you're getting superior performance at the best possible price.