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H-channels and U-clips

H-channels and U-clips au Québec et en Ontario

XL Wood Products also offers H-channels and U-clips in London, Windsor Ontario and in close proximity to Montreal, which allow you to protect your products without paying a fortune. They come in different styles and sizes.  We can also manufacture customized products to meet very specific needs.

All of our customized products are manufactured with care to facilitate the storage of your products, and our endboards are made with high-end materials, whether you are looking for hardwood, softwood or plated material.

At XL Wood Products, the customer is in charge, and all your products are made based on your specific requirements.

Whether you use our H-channels and U-clips to stack panels or to secure products on pallets, you can rest assured that their aluminum and steel components will insure the best protection available. As always, many dimensions are available, and the knowledge of our employees insures optimal results, conform to your specific requirements.



XL Wood Products' Wooden A-frames, available in London, Windsor Ontario and in close proximity to Montreal are an example of our craftmanship, simple yet innovative. These A-frame racks allow secure transportation and storage of steel, concrete, granit or glass. Because these products are often heavy or can cause injuries, they need to be transported in a way that minimizes risks, which is what our products allow.

Moreover, our A-framed racks are made in Quebec and Ontario. They are built to last for a long time and to be easily moved around. They also include multiple security functions for versatility and peace of mind.