Industrial Lumber

Softwood & Hardwood

For Packaging and Crating

XL Wood Products is not only among the best wood products providers in Quebec and Ontario, we are also a leader when it comes to industrial wood. Thanks to our vast location  more than 18 acres, we can stack a large amount of wood products, including industrial wood. With XL Wood Products, you will find the wood product you need, whatever it is. 

Most of our products are offered at very competitive prices, no matter what you are looking for.

We also offer a complete range of cover sheets in Windsor, London Ontario and in close proximity to Montreal that can be customized to your needs. Get in touch with us today to get more information. 

Pre-cut Lumber

Pre-cut wood products in Quebec and Ontario

With XL Wood Products, you also have the possibility to purchase different pre-cut wood products  as well as customized support beams in Windsor, London and in close proximity to  Montreal. At XL Wood Products, customers always come first, and this is why we take the time to understand your needs and offer you the best solutions possible.

Our pre-cut wood products in Quebec and Ontario are offered in any length, and we are equiped to cut most types of wood upon your request. Moreover, because we have a big turnover of products, we can offer them to our customers at the best prices on the market! With XL Wood Products, you save time and money. Call us today for a quote!