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XL Wood Products  manufactures wooden pallets and wooden reels. We also offer customized wooden packaging products as well as industrial lumber components.With XL Wood Products, you can  also choose from a wide variety of industrial lumber components and panels such as OSB, Plywood, Presswood and MDF. Furthermore, you have the option to get your materials cut, grooved and milled with a caring service that will answer any specification you may have....

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Wooden bed frames and boxpsrings in London, Windsor Ontario and in close proximity to Montreal

The Company



XL wood products has been offering pallet manufacturing services for 28 years, which makes our company an enterprise that cannot be overlooked in the wood industry.

Wooden Reels

XL wood products is a manufacturer of high quality new wood reels in Windsor, London Ontario and close proximity to Montreal and is therefore one of the main wood reel providers for the wire and cable industry.

Grooved Lumber

XL wood products offers high quality Grooved Lumber, in all dimensions, hardwood and softwood. Banding groove products can be custom cut and manufactured specifically for your packaging applications.

Industrial Lumber

XL Wood Products is not only among the best wood products providers in Quebec and Ontario, we are also a leader when it comes to industrial wood.

Special Wood Components

XL Wood Products can manufacture any size of wooden support blocks.

Bed Frames and Box Springs

XL Wood Products also manufactures wooden bedframes and boxsprings in our lumber mills in Quebec and Ontario

Other Products

XL Wood Products also offers H-channels and U-clips in London, Windsor Ontario and in close proximity to Montreal, which allow you to protect your products without paying a fortune. They come in different styles and sizes.



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What exactly is a Wood Heating Treatment?

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Advantages of a Wood Bedframe

When it comes to bedframes, there are many options on the market. However, the reasons for considering the purchase of a wooden bedframes are numerous, and XL Wood Products, a wooden bedframe specialist in Montreal, Windsor and London, wants to take the time to outline them in this article. Be...... read more

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